A Successful Foray Into Menswear — McCalls 6044

Today’s project was prompted by the Menswear Challenge via the Monthly Stitch Collective. I settled on McCalls 6044, a classic button up shirt for my boyfriend and today’s model, Arit.


This was a nicely timed challenge because I had been meaning to make something for Arit ever since the jeans fiasco fell flat. I had promised to make him a pair of jeans as a Christmas present, a challenge that proved far more difficult than I had imagined and ultimately never came to be. I’ve never made a button up shirt before so I first made a muslin. I cut a size large for Arit but the muslin was much too large so I decided to make a size medium for the actual garment. The project calls for a lot of hand stitching. I did hand stitch the cuff closures and the neckline, but I cheated on the front bands and used my trusty tool Heat n’ bond to finish the inside of the bands.

shirt shortcut

I figured I could get away with it since the directions call for edgestitching all of the bands, collar, and cuffs, which permanently secures all of the pieces anyhow.

Check out that edgestitching.

Check out that edgestitching.


I’m not 100% on what fabric this is. Maybe a chambray or a lightweight linen/cotton blend that I picked up over the weekend at Hancock Fabrics. Once I had my pattern pieces cut, I finished the whole project in about 6 hours. It wasn’t difficult, but with all of the edgestitching and hand sewing it is a bit slow and tedious. On the plus side, I’m no longer scared of buttonholes. In the end, I’m quite pleased with how the shirt came together and I’m thankful to my handsome boyfriend for being such a good model 🙂

arit brick wall

arit brick wall 2

arit brick wall 3

arit back view

I also took some shots of Arit in his natural environment, the garage.

arit garage 3

arit garage

He spends all of his time mostly in the garage where he’s building a vintage motorcycle.

Burda 6970 — Project Fail / Spring & Summer Sewing Slump

Hello fellow sewers! I’ve been MIA for awhile now but sewing has been on my mind. I had big ambitions for spring/summer sewing, but warm weather activities have kept me away from my sewing table. It seems like every weekend I’m either out of town or attending summer parties and festivals. This weekend I will be at the Moonshiner’s Ball in Berea, KY. It is a weekend long music festival featuring local music in the flavor of bluegrass and honky tonk. I’m looking forward to camping out with friends and enjoying the festivities. Sadly, I won’t get any sewing done, though. What about the rest of you? How do you find time to sew with so much fun stuff going on this spring?

I did attempt to make a matching crop top a la Burda 6970 to go with the floral midi skirt I made a few posts ago.

burda 6970

Unfortunately, I did not make a muslin first and so after I was about half way through my project I realized the whole thing was at least two sizes too small.


It was so disappointing because I had already cut into all that I had left of this beautiful silk fabric. I could just kick myself. Lesson learned: can’t skip the muslin. Every time I try to skip a test piece and just go off of the envelope’s measurements, it never turns out right. So, I had to scrap that project.

I’ve been meaning to make my boyfriend a button-up shirt for the menswear challenge going on over at The Monthly Stitch. However, spending too much money on music festivals and such = no money to buy new fabric. Hopefully I’ll get my sewing mojo back soon because I’ve got a stack of patterns I want to try.

Thanks for following my blog! I’ve been enjoying seeing what everyone else is up to 🙂

Happy Sewing xoxo, Carmen